About Our Company

Flash Fire Dynamics is a solutions company at heart. We take the technology that encompasses our lives and make it work for you, to achieve your value or performance based goals and requirements. Born in the world of information technology, Flash Fire Dynamics breathes life into your logic, whether that's for your commercial buildings and facilities or simply your office IT needs, we automate the process so you can spend more time getting things done. You have many systems to manage - maybe it's a single natural gas leak detector or an entire gas monitor system you need to stay on top of, perhaps you manage an HVAC or lighting system - and they all need to communicate with one another and deliver that information, just like your office team of employees need to speak together to get results. Let us bring your buildings to life.

What We Do

We work with Long Island’s best contractors and engineers, or with your own team and specifications, to create design-build or engineer specified solutions tailored to your needs. While many solutions overlap areas of expertise, we focus on Building Automation Systems, IT Consultation & Design, and the Service & Maintenance that comes with such services. Our Building Automation and IT Service platforms proactively monitor your systems for potential issues. With services like managed cloud backups and active node health monitoring, you can make sure to know when problems occur, as they happen.

  • Building Automation Systems

Our top tier building automation system software, powered by Loytec’s LWEB-900, is capable of detecting and alerting of controller failures and system alarms, to authorized personnel. When a controller is swapped with a replacement, it’s IP node is detected by the LWEB-900 server and all parameter and configuration data are automatically restored, bringing the node back online and operating in its last known state. Our controllers provide commercial and industrial automation solutions with support for incredible interoperability between protocols like BACnet, Modbus, LonWorks (LON), and many more!

  • IT Consultation

Our IT Helpdesk and Managed IT Services, powered by ITbrain, proactively watch and monitor your IT infrastructure, and can preemptively alert of potential issues on your network. Our monitoring service is capable of watching nearly any IP based node, including servers, workstations, switches & routers, IoT nodes, automation controller nodes & servers…virtually any connected device.

  • Service and Maintenance

Our monitoring services provide preventative maintenance and, when combined with regularly scheduled and on-demand service visits, help keep your systems running happy and healthy. Flash Fire Dynamics can become your liaison between you and all your hardware and software vendors, to troubleshoot issues or manage new project goals. Our products and services are constantly evolving and improving, keeping you at the forefront of your technology and systems.

Focused Product Lines

Flash Fire Dynamics works with a, carefully selected and tested, line of manufactures and products. We’re always testing and surveying products that will greatly improve the end-user and facility management experience. Below is a short list of providers we’ve come to love, and have high expectations of quality and reliability.

Air Handler Graphic


  • Loytec (Complete Line of Automation Software and Devices)
  • Schneider Electric (TAC Vista Automation Line)
  • Honeywell Analytics (Gas Detector Systems)
  • BAPI (Wireless Field Sensors and Devices)
  • Eldridge Products (Thermal Mass Flow Meter and Flow Switches)
  • Veris Industries (Environmental Sensors and Energy Management Devices)
  • Lenze (Variable Frequency Inverters)
iPad Automation

IT Products:

  • TeamViewer (Remote support, Asset Monitoring, Helpdesk)
  • Microsoft Azure (Custom Cloud Services and Backup)
  • Apple (Enterprise MDM and devices, email, client / server networks & devices)
  • Microsoft (Enterprise MDM and devices, email, client / server networks & devices)
  • Canonical (Mainstream Linux and associated client / server services)
  • Cisco (Business and Enterprise Class Networking hardware)
  • Ubiquiti Networks (Small Business and Enterprise class networking hardware)

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We listen to every message we receive, so feel free to give us a suggestion, let off some steam, or just give us a pat on the back! We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line using the form below.

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